Sunday, June 4, 2017

Winter Sunday

 This morning was mild, and mum and I enjoyed a sleep in.  She did get up and head outside to go and meet up with friends for brunch.  They went to a local cafe, but the food was a bit of a let down with what mum thought was a measerly portion.   While they were eating the cold Southerly rolled , dropping the temperature and bringing rain.
The girls looked at a couple of shops, but mum was keen to get home and turn the heaters on.  A nap was then in order.   Mum even let me have my feast at 3.30pm.

So tonight mum will make a veg mash for dinner and cook up some sausages - a good winter staple for her.


  1. I must say Poppy!x l do love that BIG window
    of yours...Very panoramic! :).

    I've got pheasant to~day...Have'nt had one for
    a few weeks..l do enjoy my game! As l'm not a
    salad person...HeHe! I always say..'I'm not a
    rabbit'...! :0).

  2. What a shame the weather turned and the meal disappointing for mum. You are so lucky poppy, you always like your food and are cosy and warm. Mums dinner sounds yummy.have a good night you two. xxx Glad your blog reappeared perhaps I was trying to view when you were putting it on.

  3. Poppy, dear, that's a lovely view of your plush winter coat!

  4. Our summer has arrived, lots of open windows.

  5. It sounds like it was a day to stay home, anyway.