Thursday, June 22, 2017


Hello Thursday.   It has been a strange day for the mumster.   She was on call last night and went to work from 10pm until 1am.  She had to go back from 6am until 8am.  When she got home she tried to avoid lying down, but she finally succumbed for a couple of hours of snoozing.

She had thought tonight was her hair appointment, and when she rang to check they were kind and offered to squeeze mum in.  She was glad to be done early, but it was cold outside walking home - time to dig out the gloves.   So home now and the heaters are on warming us up.


  1. If l could Poppy!x I'd send some of the
    heat were getting over here...Phew!
    Putting cloths, sheets out on the line
    to dry..withing 10mins there nice and
    dry, and ready to iron..then it's to
    hot to do that!
    I've got a spray, filled with cold
    water, so every so often, l give my
    face a squirt..! Perhaps l should fill
    it with beer...kill two birds with one
    stone..! :0).

  2. Poor mum is like a yo yo.home work home work home. I hope her hair didn't get spoiled in the have a good life poppy. You can stay in bed all day if you want to. I wonder what tricks you get up to during the day.

  3. Poppy, dear, good for your mum, getting her hair done! I find the lovely scents of the hair products -- and the scalp massage during the shampoo -- very relaxing. (Sometimes I purr.)

  4. If we could only send you some of our heat!!!!
    Every time your mum mentions call our mum's heart starts to race with anxiety. Hell is a word called "call".

  5. That bed of yours looks mighty warm to snuggle with your mum in! Stay warm!

  6. I'd succumb to snoozing, too, at that rate. I hope she gets a full night's sleep tonight.