Tuesday, June 27, 2017


I am always waiting.   Waiting for my dinner, waiting for mum to wake up or waiting for her to get home.  

Mum says she is always waiting too.  Waiting for the bus to come, waiting for work to finish and waiting for her dinner to heat up.

What are you waiting for?


  1. Oh! Poppy!x I've been waiting for your lovely post! :).
    With a lovely photo! And, here it is...Bless!
    And, we must remember though...That life is a waiting game!

    One thing l have been waiting for is six numbers on the
    lottery...Then l can come out and say Hello! :).

  2. Poppy, dear, I'm waiting for the next American presidential election... Last night I dined out with friends at a beautiful Thai restaurant. The ambiance was destroyed by a rude crew wearing vulgar tee-shirts promoting their political and religious views. "Hissss!", as you would say, dear.

  3. I think we humans spend most of our lives waiting, unfortunately, Poppy - and often, what we are waiting for, isn't worth it (except waiting to come home to our families.)

  4. It is hard to wait Poppy. I'm waiting for the world so stop being so crazy. I think I will have a long wait!

  5. Mum says the late news and then bedtime!

  6. You look so sad poppy. All the things you are waiting for will arrive so cheer up pumpkin. I am waiting for your next blog. I don't like wordless Weds. So guess I am waiting for Thursday.xxx