Saturday, June 10, 2017

Away Caturday

Mum finished her work late last night.  So I got to have a midnight feast and went to sleep with a full belly.  This morning I got kisses and cuddles and mum whispered in my ear and told me that she had to go away at lunchtime and would not be home until Sunday night.

Mum would prefer not to be away, but she had to go somewhere overnight.  More than one night and I would have to go to the cattery, however she knows I don't like going there.  So she made sure I have a pile of biscuits and plenty of water.

I don't like strangers so mum is reluctant to get a cat sitter in either.  I am scared of other people.

So we will let you know how our weekend goes.  Hope you are having fun on your Caturday.


  1. Dear poppy you have your new little mouse friend to keep you company. The photo of it last time made it look like an enormous Pig ! That was a good joke mum played on us. Hope she is off on a fun

  2. That pig is quite small Poppy!x
    The way Mum took the photo, it looked
    quite big! :).
    You'll be alright Poppy!x Take care, guard
    your lovely house, and, sleep ALL you want.
    Take care, hope Mum has a nice time, and,
    l expect she'll bring you something back! :0).

  3. Take lots of naps, dear girl. The time goes faster that way. We know you'll miss your mum lots but home alone is better than the cattery. Love to you, safe trip to you mum.

  4. We could teleport over and get a house-trashing party going, while your mum's away. :-D

    More seriously, Poppy, good luck! We hope all goes well for you both.

  5. Being on your own is a good time to get some extra nap time, Poppy. Don't eat all that food in one go!!!

  6. Poppy, dear, I have close friends who claim they have never seen one of my cats. Like you, Peek abu Tom is a shy lad, a very large, white, floofy Maine Coon (who tries to conceal himself behind small objects, like flower pots).

  7. We hope Mum has a good trip, Poppy, and that you get some nice naps in while she is away. Hugs to you both.