Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Today is day 5 of 7 so mum is almost close to her days off.  She dragged herself out of bed to go to the library and take a walk in the fresh air.  It really feels like spring, mum hasn't worn a jacket the past two weeks, and the heaters have been turned off - yah for a smaller power bill this month.


  1. So only two days left Poppy!x I bet both of
    you are looking forward to spending more
    sleeping time together...! :). HeHe! Bless!

    We had a bit of rain over night, and it's
    getting darker in the mornings..

    I'm seeing the nurse this morning, only for
    the results of my six monthly review...Then
    dentist tomorrow..just one filling to do! 😺

  2. Good one mum. Nearly there. Poppy looks so lovely she reminded me of the owl and the pussy cat. All she needs is a 5 pound note. Watch out for owls mum.
    Poor Willie. I need to go the dentist too. Does anyone remember how we all called it the murder house as children and we all went to the dental school and they practiced on doing fillings on perfectly good teeth? 😬

  3. She can do it! While you are beginning to get nice weather, our weather is getting cooler. Mum had the heaty monster guy in for a checkup on it.