Saturday, October 20, 2018

Busy Caturday

This is mum's friends cat Charlie.  Mum went to visit Charlie tonight as she hasn't been feeling very well and eating much which made her mum worried.  Her get said there is a virus doing the rounds.  The girls got takeaway chicken fried rice for their dinners and Charlie shared some little nibbles which is good.  Mum wonders if this was what made me off my dinner last week too - although mum wonders how I would have got such a bug.

Mum got up early this morning and went off to meet up with her friend.  They went off for a drive and wondered around looking at shops in a country town.  They ate at a French cafe for lunch and had a cool drink in the shade at a nice country pub. 

Me - well I chilled out and looked after the house while mum was out.

We hope you all enjoyed your Caturday and did something fun too.


  1. My! My! That Charlie is a lovely looking fella..Looks very alert!
    Those nasty little bugs get everywhere..! :(.

    I've just got back from town, big fair in the Corn Exchange to~day,
    in aid of our local hospital..lots of nice things to..looks as
    though they'll raise a lot of money to~day..Hope so..! :).
    AND..the suns shining..what could be nicer! :).

  2. We thought you had a new friend to live with you . Lovely cat. So glad mum had a nice day. When she didn’t blog yesterday we thought she must be very ill. So good to see she is having a good time today.
    Just had Stephen Hawkings last book. Brief answers to the big questions.Just started it but it looks as if I will really enjoy. So sad to think he is no longer here. Such a brave clever and humorous man.

  3. My Caturday is just beginning. First me and mum cellybrated Derby, it was his purrthday today. Mum needs to do a few chores during the day, read a bit. Then we watch basey-ball tonight. Our team needs to win.

  4. We hope Charlie is feeling better now (did we read that right, that Charlie was sick, or at least off her food?). Anyway, purrs to everyone who needs them!

    Our human got home yesterday evening from being away for a few days, so we're enjoying our Caturday afternoon with her. (Translation: We're sleeping, she's doing chores.)

  5. Happy Caturday, Poppy. We hope Charlie is feeling much better now. He is a handsome looking fellow. Hope mom has a fun time today and brings something back for you. Have a great day looking over the house and getting plenty of naptime in. Thanks for the share.
    World of Animals

  6. I hope Charlie - and you, Poppy - are feeling better by now.