Thursday, October 18, 2018


Most of my days are the same.  A cosy spot to sleep and wait until mum comes home.  I find a spot and burrow in. 

Mums day was busy, she did make sure that she had a nice walk in the sun too work and after work.  She made some egg and tomato sandwiches for her lunch and had some mandarins and grapes for treats.  She is aiming for an early night tonight.  Lights out by 10pm.  It has been far too many late nights lately and her sore back or cough or other aches and pains have kept her awake early in the morning.  She is off to make an easy supper tonight - Reuban toasted sandwiches - swiss cheese, pastrami and sauerkraut - ohh laa laa.

She finds it hard to watch the news - full of politics and bad news stories.  Mum now skims through it really quickly nowdays and only watches about 5 minutes.  Instead she watches something to make her smile - Ellen, or NZ has started a new version of Gogglebox, a show about people watching television which is strangely compelling. 


  1. Must agree with Mum, about the's always bad..
    And over here we've got this Brexit thing going on,
    coming out of Europe..l agree with it, but God knows
    when it's gonna end! :(.

    Pleased to see your having a little nap Poppy!x
    After all that posing for photos, takes it out of
    a young model! Bless!x :).

    I'm just off into town, market day to~day, coffee
    at Costa..

    Gas man coming later, serviced my gas..etc yesterday,
    all o,k, but found a leak in the outside
    their gonna fit a new digital one! lemon tea
    this l only have a whistling kettle, not
    electric..and muesli for breakfast, but, l'll have
    a fry up soon as it's fixed..! :).

  2. He’s I avoid the news. And I love the Australian gogglebox. We have some characters on ours

  3. Mum agrees with avoid the news. Too much poly-tics and election stuff too. Far more peaceful to read the news she wants herself.

  4. You always have a cosy spot to stay at until mom comes home. Hope your mom gets some much needed rest so she won't have any aches or pains when she wakes up in the morning. We try not to watch the news either. We are just like your mom with watching shows that make us laugh and put us in a good mood. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  5. The news has become increasingly disturbing. Our mum tries to stay up with things but has limited her news program time. The world’s state of affairs makes her sad.

  6. Your mum's back is still sore? Is it just a matter of time, Poppy, or can something be done about it?

    As for the news, I try my best to avoid it.