Tuesday, October 30, 2018


This a house round the corner from where we live.  Halloween is not a big thing here in NZ, it is unusual to see a house decorated like this - but it made mum smile on a cold grey day.

Mum and I had a lovely sleep in.  Mum did go and drop off a couple of bags of items to the local charity shop and had some lunch.  She then went for a walk, and stopped in at one of her favorite shops.  The girls were cleaning up as they said there had been an earthquake, knocking a picture off the wall and knocked some bottles of body wash off a stand.  Mum never even felt the earthquake at all.

Mums days are nice and relaxed and slow.  We love a good staycation.


  1. Halloween is'nt that a big thing over here either!
    I got some sweets and some 'green' popcorn for the
    kids tomorrow night! Just youngsters that come round
    with their Mums..!
    I've got summat ghoulish to hang on the door, and
    a skull thing with a light to put on the doorstep! :).
    Make it look a bit festive..HeHe! Boo! :0

  2. Hurrah for staycations!

    Halloween is huge here too, though we don't "celebrate" it or give out treats. The human used to give out candy, because Annie and Chumley didn't mind too much about the doorbell ringing, but it upsets *us*, so we all just "hide" in the house with the lights off and hope it's over soon. LOL.

  3. Don't like the earth shaking, glad it was far away from you. Yeah, Hollow-weenie is big here, but we don't get many trick or treaters. Nor do we decorate outside, just a little inside.

  4. Clever decorating on that beautiful house but too scary for me.
    How could you miss the shake? I was asleep but it jolted me awake. My hub. said Rosie just ignored it. She is such a happy wee soul and never heard a cross word so must just take it in her stride. She comes to me and makes little gurgling sounds like talking when she needs to go outside and when she comes in she runs like mad up,to,me wagging her tail so I can tell her how good she is. We have never used food rewards for training she just wants to,please. 😍

  5. I heard there was an earthquake where you are, Poppy - but I looked it up and you were farther from it than some of our other friends in NZ. They are okay, though.

  6. Happy that you and mom had a great staycation. Halloween here is so much fun and your mum was so lucky to see the halloween decorations. Hope the earthquake wasn't bad for some other people that experienced it. That is one scary thing. Thanks for sharing the photos. Have a wonderful day.
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  7. Such a beautiful house. We love Halloween and always decorate. We don’t do candy anymore because we know any of the little ones.

  8. There is not much Halloween here either.It is nice that you get to see more of your Mum.

  9. I think the house alone is a beautiful sight.

  10. I'm sorry New Zealand is so prone to earthquakes. I hope they all remain small from now on.