Saturday, October 6, 2018


Hello Caturday friends.  Mum's now gone and hurt her back this week, after working all of those shifts.  She now has trouble sleeping and had to get up and have more Nurofen in the small hours.  She had a quiet day with just some washing and dishes.  A big nap with me helped this afternoon.  Tonight dinner was on the couch watching Paddington 2 - very sweet.

So hopefully she will get better sleeps tonight with less slow tossing and turning for her.


  1. Poor mum. That’s cruel. A warm hottie on it might help. Good excuse to stay in bed and forget the chores. Poppy give mum lots of

  2. Oh! Poor Mum..That's the worst thing to happen..
    Something wrong with your back, it seems to affect
    all the rest of your body! :(.
    Tell Mum to lay on her back, keeping as still as
    possible, but now and again..stretch the back a
    little bit...Keep taking the Nurofen..and as she
    got anything like Deep Heat, to rub in..I use that
    on my neck, along with Tiger Balm or Uddermint! :).
    You'll look after Mum Poppy! As your the bestest
    nurse Mum could have..Bless! :).

  3. I hope your humans back heals up soon! And I hope your purr therapy helps her, Poppy.

  4. I'm catching up with you and your mum, Poppy. What a pain - literally and figuratively - to have hurt her back. That pain never seems to go as abruptly as it comes.