Thursday, October 25, 2018

Happy Birthday Mum

Today is my Mums birthday - happy birthday to you.  Mum slept in and relaxed for the day.  She met up with some friends for dinner which was a nice evening.  Good company, delicious food, birthday cake and a bottle of wine  made mum feel better about being a year older. Mum had roasted lamb with beetroot and a mint pesto with beans and roasted garlic potatoes.  It was at a nice restaurant that was recently voted in the top 10 in NZ - so a great birthday treat. 

It is now raining and turning colder.  Mum has got home and will put the heaters on to warm us up.  She has leftover cake - but is too full tonight to eat anything further.

So here's to another year for the Mumster!!


  1. Happy birthday to your human! It sounds like she had a nice day.

  2. Happy birthday to your mum! It definitely sounds like she had a wonderful day and celebration. :-)

  3. Ah! Happy birthday to Mum Poppy!x
    Sounds like she had a lovely day..and enjoying
    it with friends, that is nice..
    Tell Mum..not to worry about being a year older,
    it happens to all of us..once a year! That does'nt
    sound right, does it..HeHe! :).

  4. Happy Birthday to your Mum!!! We hope you have a great time celebrating it together. Sounds like a really great restaurant she went too with being voted in the top 10. Now you and her can relax with the heaters on and enjoy some cuddle time birthday love. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful rest of your day.
    World of Animals

  5. Happy birthday to your mum. It sounds like she had a good time of the day. It's good to have friends to celebrate with, and even better to have a wonderful cat to come home to.

  6. Happy Birthday to your lovely Mum Poppy Q! It sounds like she had a wonderful day. Heres to a year of all her wishes coming true!

  7. Happy Purrthday to your mum. Glad she had a nice day with furiends and you!

  8. That sounds like a great day of celebrating. Happy birthday to your Mum, Poppy!

  9. Happy Birthday to your mum! Sounds like she had a nice evening out celebrating.