Thursday, October 11, 2018


We have had some sunny days but the temperatures still drop down at night, and lately I have been snuggling in the same spot on mum's bed.

Mum returned to work today.  Her back was pretty sore after a days work and she hopes to get some more sleep tonight.  4 hours seems to be the most she gets before her back pain wakes her up.  So some pain relief before bed should help.  Thanks for all of the well wishes for her.

Mum ran into a friend today, and mentioned that she had had a weird dream a couple of days ago where her friend, his ex wife was in the dream.  On her way home, she ran into both of them together.  She hadn't seen her friend in a couple of years, and it was nice to have a quick hug and a promise to catch up sometime soon.  Mum felt good to have seen her old friends.

We are looking forward to Friday and having the weekend off.  Yippee.


  1. I'll join in with you Poppy!x And say a
    BIG Yippee! as well...! :).

    Nice bumping into old friends..over the
    year l've bumped into a few to..l walk
    more than drive now~a~days so l bump
    into more people, sometimes it takes me
    ages to get home, gossiping usually leads
    to coffee, and there goes another hour...
    I do enjoy it though..! :).

  2. Working on a sore back nota good idea. I hurt my back once playing table tennis. The dr. Said painkillers and put up with it. I went to a physio. who did manipulation and one click and it was better. I had put up with it for weeks.
    Having that dream was almost spooky. Take note of them if you can.
    How nice to meet old friends. 😍

    By the way Poppy do you snore? Little Rose does sometimes

  3. To those of us in the medical profession, a big, strong back is almost as important as a big strong brain. Tell your dear mum to take care of herself as best she can.

  4. Nothing worse than pain that wakes you up
    I hope it’s better soon. Might have to visit with the doctor to make sure it isn’t anything too bad
    It is nice to run into old friends

  5. Hopefully her back will hold up until the weekend.