Monday, October 1, 2018


Mum feels happy today that she made a complaint.  Our local bus suppliers have changed and the timetables have been altered.  It left mum with no bus to the hospital on some shifts and she has to walk the whole way. 

Obviously lots of folks have complained and they say the are now putting back on the early buses so she can get to work.

Now if they could only fix all of the other issues.


  1. We have problems with buses down here in
    the South Poppy!x Not that l ever catch
    a bus, l've had a bus pass for 11yrs and
    never used it..But! You never know! :).
    It's always the country runs they want to
    change, then the older folk can't get into
    town..! Just like the internet...WHY! Don't
    they leave things alone..! :).

    I see you've got yer 'eye' on things Poppy!x

  2. Good for your mum and all the others who lodged complaints and had this changed. I'd be up a creek without a paddle if I couldn't take the bus to and from work. In our city, most of the efforts in recent years have gone to starting and then increasing all the express routes. Those are great (people packed in like sardines, but great), but if you live on a feeder route (as I do), they don't help get to and from work any faster, because you have to get to an express point first. Still, service is better than it used to be!

    Nicki and Derry send purrs and head butts. :-)

  3. How exhausting walking to work before your day has even started. What is wrong with these people?
    Nice whiskers Poppy 😺

  4. Well done to your mum and the others who complained!

  5. Sometimes it pays to complain. While there might not have been many riders at that time, needed for getting to work. Why be all tired from walking to work and then having to work a full shift. Duh!

  6. It sounds like the bus company tried to save money. They found that people weren't happy, there’d be a lot of bad press and they’d lose in the long run. It’s good that your mum complained. Enough voices raised unprotect change things sometimes. Well done.

  7. Jeez, why did they do that to the people?