Sunday, September 30, 2018


Mum has almost made it through 3 of her late shifts.  Only another 4 to go.  She will just be into the swing of things and they will be over.

She had a big night out last night with school friends which was lovely.   The meal was a bit ho hum.  Expensive fish and chips which came with only 4 chips.  Eating at 10pm is never mums favorite either. 


  1. 4 Chips! Goodness! I'd certainly have summat to
    say about that..! Hope the fish was a monster then! :).
    And yes 10pm is a bit late to would'nt lie on
    yer tummy to good in bed..! :(.

  2. Four chips? What kind of meal is that? My human loves fish and chips... and yes, you can actually get them prepared fairly decently at a handful of places here. But if she had them at 10 at night, she would probably have heartburn!

  3. What fun to meet up with school,friends, but what a meal to celebrate with..
    4 sounds so much better than 7. 🤗

  4. Mum doesn't like to eat late too and getting less than you expect in a meal out is not fun.

  5. Don't you love paying a lot for a little? Eating out is getting to be like that everywhere. At least the company compensated greatly.

  6. 4 chips???? At least your mum had a good time with her friends.