Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Job Done

Mum was pleased today.  She finally got herself to the charity shop to drop off a couple of big bag of items that she has cleaned out of the cupboards as well as getting a few things in the bin as they were too worn out to give away.  She went to the library and got a couple of more books to add to the pile and then went and did a bit of window shopping.  It was nice to have a bit of a wander and stretch her legs. 

She got home to join me on the big bed, and mum did a touch of reading before nodding off with me.  Dinner was easy and mum is going to head off early with me.  A couple of old ladies.


  1. Nice to hear Mum got out and about Poppy!x
    Did a few things and stretched her legs...
    I drove into town earlier, as it's blowing
    a gale here..I'm quite high up, where l live
    so it gets a bit windy at times, still, ideal
    for dry the washing on the line..! :).

    HeHe! 'a couple of old ladies'..no l don't
    really believe that..! :). Bless!

  2. Gosh we just have the darndest time trying to make a comment on your bloggy! Mommy had to beat the comment box to death!
    Well it sounds like a purrrrfect old lady day to us...we will have one today at the second hand shop too! Stay happy...love miss Hope

  3. You sure have made a speedy recovery from your horrible bug. Good for you. Sounds as if you had a really good day out. Take care not to overdo yourself.
    Rosie has been chewing on my dinner chop bone for the last hour. She’s teething I think so likes a bone very much.

  4. We’ll join in saying try hard not to overdo.
    Your day sounds just fine.

  5. Poppy, dear, your mum's day sounds purrrfect to me!