Friday, September 7, 2018


As if mum hasn't been sick enough lately, she got home last night and had a quick dinner.  when she went to bed she had a by of a sore tummy but was awoken a couple of hours by bad tummy cramps.  She got to the bathroom just in time, but Mets just say it wasn't pretty.  Mum had the D's and Vs for a number of hours overnight using up many towels and buckets.  She had to stay home from work as her stomach was still upset until about midday.  All she has been able to take today is a bit of fluids, and maybe she will be up to eating something over the weekend.  She is not sure if she got a bug or a touch of food poisoning, but she hopes to get some sleep tonight.  She would just like a month without any drama and good health.


  1. Oh! My Goodness! Poppy!x
    That does'nt sound to good..Has Mum seen,
    or at least spoken to her doctor about it,
    it's very important that she does, that's
    what there their for..but it does sound
    like a bit of food poisoning..even if she
    gets better, well worth to mention it to
    the doctor...
    Hope she gets some sleep at can
    help her out with that..! :).

  2. Oh my. That’s horrible. Hope your feeling better very very soon. Fluids and bed rest that’s all that can be done

  3. Oh no, your poor mum! We hope she's feeling MUCH better very soon! Purrs from us. ♥

  4. It sounds like food poisoning. It came on soon after the dinner, and the stomach needed to get rid of something bad. If it was poisoning, your mum is probably over the worst of it.

  5. Your poor human! I hope she is better sooner than later.

  6. How really nasty for mum. Did she reheat chicken? When I was young my dr. Told me never to eat chicken or mayonnaise out as they were the worst cases he saw. Hope you feel better soon. 🤢