Monday, September 24, 2018


Last night was cooking night and the leftovers that mum had were delicious.  it is a shame that I don't like to eat any of mums foods, as it smelled good.  Tonight then is dishes night.  Living by herself she doesn't need to do dishes every night, she tries to think of it as saving water. 

Mum is in need of an early night.  Every time she thinks of being in bed by 10pm it ends up being midnight.  Maybe she shouldn't worry too much as daylight savings will start this weekend coming up and she will have to retrain her body clock again.  Lucky for me I can sleep anytime.  In the picture above it is 7.20am as mum was leaving for work.


  1. ooooO! I could'nt do that Poppy!x
    I live on my own, but the dishes etc.
    are always done straight after l finish
    a meal..Yesterday there were 10 of us for
    dinner, after the main meat course, l
    washed all the plates, and set them up to
    drain, l never dry, just let them drain! :).
    So everyone left at six, l cleared, cleaned,
    and washed everything, before sitting down for
    a bit of TV..! I have to leave everything clean
    and tidy..HeHe! Being a Virgo l suppose! :).

  2. You look you have taken prime up position for the day Poppy.
    How organised mum is. Has she thought of paper plates? No one would know. Anything to make life easy. I only eat two light meals a day but Rosie gets tucked into four. Breakfast and tea are main tinned juicy and she has lunch and supper of 2 teaspoons of nibbles.
    She is growing in so fast and so adorable. Strangely she only plays with her own toys and never touches shoes or slippers. She nibbled my eye pad once but when I said no she treats it with such respect. She just shows her love with licks for kisses.We love her bits.
    But we will always love you Poppy 💓

  3. Yikes that was meant to be iPad. I am not a pirate.

  4. Poppy, you look well settled for the day!

    Our biped always is doing dishes and she doesn't even cook. LOL. Mind you, she doesn't have a dishwasher, either--not sure if your mum does. She has a double sink, though, and has a dish drainer in one of them--wash and air dry. :-)

    We hope you both have a great week!

  5. Hey Poppy. Looks like it doesn't matter to you about daylight savings time. You can sleep anytime in the comfy bed. Maybe your mum will cook you something for dinner one time. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  6. Mum is still a bit messed up from flying back and forth across the ocean. Getting better. I like mum's foods but last night she wouldn't let me have her chick-hen. Said it had garlic on it.