Sunday, September 23, 2018


Sunday night was always special for mum growing up.  Her mum made a nice meal and it was the only night dessert was on the menu.  Mum made a small roast of lamb with roasted veg and green beans.  So she is going to bed with a nice full tummy and some fun leftovers for tomorrow.

Me - well Sunday has been good to have mum around and lots of time for snoozing.


  1. I've been on the go since seven this morning Poppy!x
    Taking a little not tea..l'm on the vino
    already..Hic! :).
    All sitting down to dinner about one..HeHe! There is
    so much food, still with these friends coming, it'll
    get eaten..few nice bottles of wine, and a nice vintage
    port to finish off with, mind you, it'll be dark by then! :).

    1. Sounds so fun, wish I could come.

    2. Not a lot left l'm afraid...just opened a second
      bottle of vintage port..
      I shall sleep like a log to~night..Probably wake
      up in the fire place...! HeHe! lovely friends....! :0).

  2. Lucky mum ,that looks delicious and must bring back happy memories of times go by.
    I think she has a very strong character to keep cooking just for for one. Well two really but not the same meal.....
    My mum was a fantastic cook but sadly she never wrote down all her secrets.
    We are in for a winters day tomorrow even though it’s spring. Extra blanked on tonight.
    Rosie sends kisses to poppy. She was playing under hose spray earlier. So happy getting wet but has been dried off and in front of the burner for the last 2 hours and is now ready for night supper nibbles and then she takes herself off to her ‘cat carrier with her lambskin rug for the night. We always leave the door open so she can get water. In a month she has never woken us with a bark or sound of any kind.. love to you both xxx

  3. Poppy, dear, I can hear you and your mum purrrring, even over here in the States! What a delicious meal! And have you recovered your taste for Feast?

  4. That looks like a lovely meal. Or #1 occasionally roasts a free-range chicken on a Sunday, and we can all share!

    The Chans

  5. Mmmm lamb, my favourite meat. I always cook a roast on Sundays. My mum always used to cook for 1pm and I have always done the same. Sunday is the only day that I eat then, every other day is in the evening. Old habits are hard to break.

  6. Taat sure looks like a delicious meal, Poppy. And yes, you had Mum around for snuggling ... what a great Sunday. :)

  7. Sunday growing up for me meant toast and fruit for lunch; we had a large family, so the toast was already buttered and cut into halves, and put in a large, pale yellow bowl, which I still have. Now, unfortunately, Sundays mean work the next day...