Saturday, September 8, 2018

Caturday Night at the Movies - Dear Kitten

Haha we hadn't seen this one before.  We know it is an ad, but a clever one and worth the quick watch.  We figure you had heard enough about mums bowels in yesterdays post - it was time for something fun!  Enjoy!


  1. That was so cute. Hope mum is on the mend today. What a horrible time she had.
    Our little puppy Rosie is now toilet trained.Two weeks is pretty good. She is still so tiny but whichever door we take her out she trots down to her chosen place at the back away from house and grass. 😇

  2. Love this Poppy!x
    Hope it's o.k. l'm sending it on to
    a few pussy~cat friends...! :).

  3. That was a great ad! I'd seen another Friskies ad before, similar, but not this one. "Human larva" -- hahaha, love it!