Thursday, September 13, 2018


This was the last look mum got as she left to head off to work.  She would have lived to put her bag down and just climb up on the bed next to me.  Anyway the shift is over now and mum is back home.  Time for a snack and a bit of The Antiques Roadshow and then off to bed.


  1. Well, you look pretty comfy and snuggable there, Poppy. We hope your mum is feeling 100% now!

  2. Where's your shopping bag Poppy!x HeHe! Bless!

    I love the Antiques Roadshow...Never miss it...
    Do you know, my Mum had a pair of Conch shells,
    l remember them as a boy..when she died, l had
    them, they sit either side of the TV, and have
    done for years, many, many years...a lady on
    the show, couple months ago, brought on a pair
    identical to mine, size and all..after a bit
    of explaining the expert valued them at £1,500
    for the pair..that's 2,989.66 nzd..I could'nt
    believe it..I was amazed, l looked on line,
    and, yep, that was about right..So l was a
    bit..'shell' shocked...! :).

  3. Be kind to mum Poppy,she really needs another week off. Getting home must have been bliss and the antiques roadshow relaxing. Trouble is it is a repeat as I am an avid watcher. There are lots of shows on repeat at the mo. Annoying. I am loving old black and white movies on my iPad.
    Rosie is growing and more adorable by the day. I just worry her tail might fall it wags so vigorously. The sweetest soul we could ever have...apart from Poppy of course.

  4. It's always difficult for me to leave my beasts when I make sure they are all safe before I go. If I were wealthy, I'd stay with them all day, and probably never go out.

  5. poppy Q....ewe look most cozee ther....hay, summer times bout reddy ta head yur way huh !!!! ☺☺♥♥

  6. We sweet face is all that we would need to call in for a sick day, but at least she is home now and you two are having a wonderful time watching Antiques Roadshow. We love that show also and when the people realize their items are worth a lot of money. That's the best part for us. Have fun and enjoy the rest of your day.
    World of Animals

  7. My momma woulda have a tuff time leavin too.