Monday, September 10, 2018

Day Off

Mum pulled all the bedding off the bed to air everything out as she did the washing this afternoon.  There was sunshine and a breeze but it was only 9 day C, so the washing didn't try completely, we need a few more degrees to get it lined dry.

She is feeling better, her tummy is still a touch upset so she is going slowly and eating lightly and drinking lots of fluids.

Mum has the urge to spring clean a bit, but maybe not quite the energy.  the return if the sun and blue skies has that affect most years.  There is a change in the light, we are getting our afternoon sun thought the bedroom and living room windows.  The mornings are also lighter and brighter which makes it easier to wake up - not this morning though, us girls had a long sleep in. 

We hope you all have a nice Monday.


  1. Autumn is creeping in over here Poppy!x
    Bit darker in the mornings and in the evenings..!
    Still..l do love September..lot's going on..Busy!
    Busy! And a birthday next it's ALL go...!

    Nearly 10 in the morning over here, suns out, quite
    warm..just off out to cut the grass out back, cup of
    lemon tea first though...! :).

  2. Dear Poppy q mum . Take it easy. Sun is so great I feel the same but the air is cold. Hope you have a week off. BUT take it easy. You need to get full strength back before going to work.

    Rosy is so extraordinarily gorgeous. Toilet trained in under 2 weeks! Just earlier we were sitting talking and she started talking. Little gurgling sounds in her throat. Asking to go out to do a p.
    Out she trots the size of three pence nose to the ground to her perfect place. It makes me so happy.
    I know you love Poppy to bits. Aren’t we lucky xx

  3. We're glad your mum is on the mend and hope that's it for feeling poorly, no more of that!

    We love spring, it's our favourite time of the year. Here it's so dark in the mornings now when our biped leaves to catch the bus. It's hard to get up and get going!

  4. Poppy, dear, it's good to learn your mum is feeling better! We humans do have our seasonal rituals to observe at the proper time. Enjoying the sunlight and being out in the yard -- line drying is part of the plan -- does lift our sprits.

  5. I'm pleased that your mum is mending; I'll bet the spring feeling had something to do with it. The freshness, the extra light, the extra warmth (well, not this day) can invigorate one.