Sunday, September 2, 2018


So it was a slow Sunday here at the house of Q.  Mum woke early but stayed in bed and read.  The clouds were gathering outside so mum decided a day at home would be nice.  She read and pottered and talked to me.

It was fathers day  here today and she thought about her dad and how much she missed him, and how lucky she was to have him so long.  We hope that if you have your dad's you got to talk with them or hug them tight.


  1. I've just got home from the supermarket..
    Did'nt need a lot to~day..
    Pasta~in~Forno for lunch to~day..and a
    little glass of wine! Or even a BIG one...HeHe!

    Oh! Our Fathers day is the 16th of June..strange
    how it varies..long time ago, but l miss my Dad,
    you never forget your Mum or your Dad..Bless them!

  2. Lots of hugs to your mum, Poppy. Our human is lucky to still have both parents, and she's keenly aware that the years with them are growing short, as we all age.

    We wish you both a good week!

  3. Beautiful flower. We went to a garden shop yesterday. Perfect day. Bought 10 bags of compost and some lovely plants. We are lucky to have a great gardener.
    My Dad died when I was only 24. I was so traumatised I have no memory of the funeral. On Sunday I was thinking what book I would have bought him. He did love the sea and was a lifeboat volunteer. Such a perfect Dad.

  4. Slow Sundays are pretty good in my book Poppy Q. I thought about my Dad - been gone 17 years now - he was a painter & paperhanger & whenever I paint things I always think of him .... no doubt watching down on me thinking what a hash up I am making!!!! :-)

  5. Hug to your mom 💗 my mom lose hers too
    Miss Poppy, we just read human who talks to us kitties is super smart ( according to some science news ) now my mom talks to me nonstop... mol

  6. It's tough missing someone special. I think I miss too many people, and pets.