Tuesday, September 25, 2018


It was nice and sunny when mum got home this afternoon.  She opened the windows until about 6pm, before it got to chilly.


  1. We've got some nice sunny days over here Poppy!x
    Rain in the North though..2nd day running l've put
    washing out, dry by lunchtime, and ready to iron!
    Strange weather over the last few years, it certainly
    changing, seems to change day by day..!
    I'll put up with it..though rain is the thing l don't
    like..it's always so wet..! :).

  2. That’s a lovely view Poppy. Nice puff clouds and blue sky and it looks like a really nice bushy garden. Do you go out and stalk in the bushes during the day?
    I am exhausted as Rosie has got a new game. I was lying in bed watching the DIY Chateau when she started jumping at my hands and jumping back and I would do the same to her. It was most exciting and she was much too quick for me. Still I got tired first and now she is out like a light. She is funny and smart and her little 4 inch tail wags so fast when she is happy.
    I think your tail would wave when you are cross but I am sure that would hardly ever happen. 😺

  3. Looks lovely out there, Poppy. We have had sun for the last 2 days and hopefully will last all this week and next week too. It's getting chilly at night though. Last 2 mornings when I got up were +2C.

  4. We also have had a trio of BEAUTIFUL days (it's raining today, though).... Especially over last weekend when I was visited by ALL 3 of my grandchildren!!! Olivia is now 4 1/2; her brother, Max turned 1 on 8/28 and Wyatt is now 7 1/2 months old. Wyatt lives closer, so I do get to see him WAY more often. I should post some pictures on my old blog....

  5. We are happy to see that you are having wonderful weather. What a lovely view you have there Poppy. We are hoping the humidity leaves us soon and we are able to keep our windows open during the day. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photo. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  6. Always nice to have open windows.