Friday, September 28, 2018


Today has had a relaxing morning, mum got a big sleep in advance.  This afternoon she starts a long stretch of evening shifts.  Mum is just hanging out until this time next week when she gets some days off. 

There was time for mum to do some dusting and hoovering this morning.  She has a list of chores to get done during the week - good luck with that plan mum.  I plan on sleeping all week.


  1. What lovely flowers Poppy. Are they in your garden?
    Hope mum doesn’t do too many chores on the she works at night.
    It’s a lovely day here and I think daylight saving starts this weekend.
    Isn’t Jacinta amazing. Full of sense and humor all while breastfeeding little Nev. The wee soul seems incredibly placid sleeping so well at the meeting. I thought it very funny Clarke knocked over the flag. 😊

  2. Just gone seven over here Poppy!x
    First Lemon tea of the day..Just getting back to bed for half an hour,
    watch a bit of depressing news, then up
    to start my day..Oh! And it's a BIG day
    to~day...Haircut! Karen pops up, and has
    been for over forty years now, for a bit
    of a trim..thankfully it's only every
    four~six weeks..Phew! HeHe! :).

    1. You are always busy Willie but can you go on to utube and see our prime minister. She is so clever and so fun I think the whole world would love her. Just a thought you might be interested in. She even has her baby at her main speech. I am so proud of her 😊

    2. Yes! I've read quite a lot about your lovely Prime Minister...
      This was the headlines in Vogue magazine...
      ..New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern—And Her Baby, Neve—Made
      History at the United Nations...

      I wish our Prime Minister was a bit like yours..Though Teresa May..
      is a bit old for a baby..she's not much of a leader, and certainly
      not someone you can trust or look up to...!
      Your Prime Minister has been in the news over here, all good, and
      a wonderful lady, and Mum of course..God! Bless her an her family! :).

  3. Lovely flowers Poppy! Your mum must dread when she gets her long stretch of evening shifts. It must be so hard to get into a sleeping pattern.

  4. Your flowers look furry purrty, hope your mum's stretch of nights goes smoothly.

  5. Evening shifts must be getting lighter there, with the spring at last arrived. The flowers look like the essence of spring.