Tuesday, September 4, 2018


I have taken to my bed cos it feels like the coldest night of the year so far.   Mum rushed home after work, and got rained on most of the way, so her coat and boots are left to dry out.  Some comfort food was needed, she tried a feast for me which was ok, and roasted some chicken legs and sweet potato with her and a big bowl of peas.  Just what she needed to warm herself up.

So she might just have to head to bed early and curl up with her book.  She longs for warm summer evenings wearing sandals and summer clothes, instead of woolly jumpers and sheepskin slippers. 

We got an email tonight to say that our nice vet Dr Natalie is leaving her practice to take up a new job, but our little vet practice will continue with one of the other vets in charge which is good, as that is the cattery that I go and stay at when mum has to go away.  Mum must remember to buy a card to send to thank the vet for all of her kind work, even if she has spent 12 years telling me I am too fat.


  1. Poppy!x Your not fat..just chunky..HeHe! Bless! :).

    Do you know..l don't eat many peas..they seem to
    go all over the place..cos there round..maybe if
    they grow square ones, l'd eat more..! :).

    Still mild and dry over here, though rain forecast
    for the weekend, and yesterday they said that the
    summer temperature this year, equaled the same as
    1976..an equal record..! And, yes, it was hot..!

  2. Hope mum didn’t catch a chill. We have a new vet too. Fat? That’s a bit rough. I think you are just cuddley xxx

  3. We long for chilly evenings once again! So tired of the heat and humidity here in Chicago. Thankfully you have that wonderful comfy bed to sleep on!

  4. It was pretty chilly yesterday here, too, and is cool today. I think as we head into winter and you leave it, our weather will coincide for a bit.

  5. Vets are like doctors: Nearly everyone is too fat to them!