Saturday, September 22, 2018

Caturday Movie Star

Hi friends.  Caturday is almost over here, the light is fading and  today was sunny but a bit cool, enough to put the heater on this evening.

Mum updated some software on the phone this week and this is one of the good things it has done.  It puts some of the photos together into a movie , automatically adding titles and music.  Awesome.

We hope that you are all enjoying your Caturday and do something fun.  Maybe make your own movie?


  1. Ah! Poppy!x Awesome is definitely the word..!
    It's lovely...and Yes! Your a star..! A Superstar!

    Just off into town, few bits and bobs to get, busy
    birthday yesterday, 9 for dinner tomorrow...loaves
    and fishes are'll be like the feeding
    of the 5,000...HeHe!

    Love the video..Love it..!x

  2. That was great. You are a ⭐️ Poppy!
    How clever of mum to do that. I can’t even take a photo ��

  3. Beautiful music, beautiful video!

  4. Aahhh Poppy you are Sooo cute! I love your little face & your "not especially amused" look. Mum is VERY good to be able to make the movie .... Pippi & Blackies Mum is pretty hopeless when it comes to technology.

    1. Thanks Julie. Actually mum didn't make the video at all. It is an upgrade on the app on her gallery on her phone. She clicked on it, and there was a video already made, with titles, music and special effects. The only thing mum did was to save it.

  5. Loved your movie, mum has a bit too much other stuff to do with all her pictures from France.