Friday, September 21, 2018

New Food Friday

Readers, I have a confession.  I have been off the Fancy feast.  Mum had been dishing it out but I have been only taking a little nibble and then leaving it on my plate.  Mum was a little worried as she tried quite a few flavours and the rejection was the same.  I have been enjoying my crunchy biscuits though so mum is not too worried about my tummy or my teeth.

She tried me on this Friskies beef tin tonight.  I enjoyed it and ate a fair amount.  It was a big tin and didn't smell too bad but it did make mum feel a bit quest dishing it out.  I'm going to give it a solid 3.5/5.


  1. Well..You pussy~cats are fussy eaters Poppy!x
    At least Mum is trying out quite few to see
    what you like..! :).
    What you really want is a small furry thing,
    with a small head and a long tail! That goes
    Squeak! Squeak! :). Don't think they come in
    tins though...! :o).

  2. Poppy, dear, one can't worry too much about your being off the Feast -- if you continue to enjoy your crunchies. Perhaps Mum will shred some boiled white chicken meat to top the biscuit bowl, and add a little unsalted broth?

  3. Our vet recommends nibbles science diet only. Perhaps Poppy might just like that for a change. Mind you we give little Rosie tinned puppy food twice a day as she loves it but also a couple of teaspoons of nibbles for lunch and late supper. I watched the Queens chef cooking for her corgis. Equal portions of cooked cabbage,rice and cooked liver chopped and all mixed together. I love my Rosie to bits but blow that. 😱

    1. Just read Willie. Of course he is quite right. They especially love the baby ones with no fur. But then we live in the country.

  4. I hate it when my beasts go off their food. It rarely seems to be for any discernible reason. I suppose they just grow bored with the same menu, though I try to vary it. What flavours of Fancy Feast do you like, Poppy? Are there those you haven't tried?

  5. Bella didn’t like the fancy feast either. I did find a tin of food she would eat from Aldi but now I have found fish in jelly that comes in a pouch. She loves it and asks for more!
    Glad your enjoying your dinner too