Saturday, September 1, 2018

Happy Spring Caturday!

It is the first day of spring here and it was sunny and warm.  Mum left the jacket at home, popped on the sunglasses(and some clothes) and went out for a walk.  She met a bestie for some tasty lunch and a chat.  Mum had kedgeree, a tasty smoked fish, rice and egg Scottish dish which she enjoyed.

She had a wander in the afternoon and took some pictures of blooms on the way home.  There was time for reading and a Saturday afternoon nap.  Leftovers for her dinner and a movie to watch in the evening.  She is going to put a face mask on now and eat a bowl of grapes before heading to bed.

Me - well I got mum up early to show her that naughty neighbour cat had been in overnight and ate last night's chicken bits and all the biscuits.  So mum us going to clean it all up tonight and put the biscuits away so I better get my snacks early.

We hope you all have a good Caturday too - do something fun.


  1. Happy Spring! Your mum started the new season well, it seems that she had a terrific day.

    Hey, at least your naughty neighbour didn't let your food go to waste, Poppy! :-)

  2. It's the first day of Autumn over here Poppy!x
    Bit cold first thing..but warming up into the
    20's later on..! :).

    And some lovely photos of the flowers, they
    look lovely...especially the yellow ones...!

    HeHe! Tell Mum..careful with the face mask
    and grapes..make sure she does'nt get them
    mixed up...!!! :o).

  3. So beautiful! Happy Spring, Poppy and Mum!

  4. I really wish that naughty neighbor cat would stay away!

  5. Wow, what spring-like pictures, perfect for your approaching season.