Monday, October 8, 2018


It was a beautiful day here in the city today.  Mum filled the washing line, hovered the carpets and did the dishes all before 10am.

The supermarket delivery was booked for a 10- 12am slot, so it wasn't here until 12.15pm which isn't too bad.  It costs $12 for a delivery under $200 and $9 for over.  Similar to the cost of a taxi home from the supermarket.  Mum normally buys small amounts after work, carrying her bags with her.  With her bad back a delivery was a good idea and mum uses it as an opportunity to stock the cupboards and order heavy or awkward things like mega toilet rolls, bags of cat biscuits, big bottles of juice and washing powder.

Mum was unable to get a Drs appointment until late this afternoon and the Dr agrees that mum has sprained her back and has given her a couple of days off to rest.  Mum has a new book to start and is starting on Call the Midwife she recorded earlier in the year.

We had another wee nap this afternoon - I am loving having mum home even if she gives me too many kisses and brushes.


  1. I've just got home from the supermarket, as l did'nt
    go yesterday..did'nt need an awful lot, they had some
    nice Begonias in pots, so l got one of those..need to
    find a home for it now! :). I only have potted plants
    in my home..NO! Cut flowers..I've always considered
    cutting flowers cruel..after all, your cutting their
    lives by a half anyway..HeHe! No pun intended....! :).
    Should let flowers grow naturally, in hedgerows, gardens
    and fields..HeHe! So there! :).

    Hope Mums back is better soon Poppy!x
    Lucky you..lots of brushes and kisses...! Bless!x

  2. What is a sprained back. Not heard of that. How did you do it. Housework does not sound a good idea. Take good care and enjoy the midwives. It is so good. Keep an eye on things Poppy.xx

  3. Gosh Poppy - I hope Mums back is better soon ... there is nothing worse than back pain, it can be so debilitating. Take care of Mum Poppy, as I am sure you will !

  4. the doctor has given your mum a few days off to rest. Rest being the operative word here. Sit on her Poppy. Demand she rest!

  5. Glad your mum gets a few extra days off. Smart move to have the food delivered.