Sunday, October 21, 2018


Hello Sunday.  Mum went to plan C today which is the one I like the best.  It is the stay at home and relax with me one.  After being out all day yesterday she was a touch worn out. 

It was a perfect washing day - sheets and towels are smelling fresh, even the pillows were aired out.  A mountain of dishes were done, the carpets cleaned.  A roast chicken was made with leftovers dished out for tomorrows dinner. 

I rolled round the bed, sat in the sun, slept in the garden, slept in my little bed and slept on the big bed.  Bliss.


  1. You sound like Goldilocks Poppy. What a perfect day mum has got lined up for you. What a pretty little pink tongue you have. ‘All the better to eat you with” said the big bad wolf “ Sweet

  2. HaHa! What a BIG! BIG! yawn that is Poppy!x
    Is that before or after your sleep! :).

    I've just got back from Lidl's, so stocked
    up with bit's and pieces..and l bought a nice
    bottle of Sicilian red table wine..litre and
    a half..£7:99..(15:84) l'm keeping that
    for Christmas..! :).

    Oh! Must say sorry Poppy!x I got confused
    yesterday, l thought Charlie was a boy pussy~cat,
    l miss read it..Charlie was a little girl cat!

  3. That does sound like a good day, Poppy, especially the bit about the roast chicken...

  4. Any day with roast chicken for kitties is a good day.