Sunday, October 7, 2018


Today was a day of test.  Mum's plans for the day were put off until last weekend, so mum finished the last of the washing and watched some shows and read. 

Her sleeping is still affected by her sore back.  It awakens her with a throbbing pain and she is even slower to wake up than normal. 

She is lucky to have another day off tomorrow and has managed to secure a Drs appointment for the afternoon.  She has also arranged for a supermarket delivery so that she does not have to carry heavy groceries home. 

She is feeling a bit of cabin fever though as she has been home sick for so many weeks or working.  She is ready for some fun and to catch up with her friends.  I am glad of her company though.  It is good for me.


  1. Ah! Bless! You two get on so well together..! :).
    Hope Mums back is better soon, hopefully the doctor
    can recommend something different to help! But, l
    think rest is the best thing, careful not to lift
    anything your alright Poppy! HeHe!

    I've decided to go to the supermarket tomorrow,
    usually go on a Sunday, it's such a nice sunny
    day, l've been out in the garden, clearing up
    a bit, and l've got some partridge to see to...!
    But, right now..a cup of lemon tea is called for,
    and a little sit down on the patio..see if Fudge
    is about! :).

  2. We're wishing your mum speedy healing -- tell her good luck at the doctor's appointment!

  3. Dear mum can someone at work suggest who to go to. It may need clicking back, but oh dear drs don’t believe in anything but pills. A good physio who can manipulate can do wonders. All the best to you both.

  4. I'm glad your mum has an extra day off, and very glad that she can have groceries delivered. No carrying heavy loads for a while! Does it cost extra to have delivery?

  5. Hopefully the doctor will be able to provide some treatment or medication for your mum.
    We’re wishing her a speedy recovery.

  6. How nice that you and Mum had some special time together, Poppy. We hope her doctor's appointment goes well, and that her back feels better soon.

  7. Yeah, staying inside and home all the time is boring. Hope your mum's back feels better soonest.