Monday, October 22, 2018


 Today was a glorious sunny day and best if all, a public holiday and mum did not have to work.  She went to visit her friends and this is the view they have from their front yard.  Just beautiful. It was that special kind of blue sky that radiates the heat, even these pictures look warm.
They had a lovely lunch and a walk in the sun.  Mum chased the chickens at their house to get some pictures, she'll share some photos later.  It really felt summery - not the weather we normally have at this time of the year.   Mum even pulled out some sandals to wear on her pale feet.

Me - I had a good day at home, but was glad got back home.


  1. Nearly nine over here Poppy!x
    Suns out in ALL it's glory and quite warm, not
    a cloud in the sky..not going out to~day, l'm
    just gonna have a quick cuppa..get the J Edgar
    out the cupboard, plug it in and chase the dust
    about a bit..! The stair carpet certainly needs'll be lunch out on the patio
    later..! :).

    Tell Mum..lovely photos..lovely sky..enjoy! 🐾🐾🐾

  2. Such beautiful blue. Sorry you couldn’t be there too Poppy. I think we are in for a hot summer. 🦋

  3. What a fabulous view your mum's friends have! We can feel the warmth here, and as it's turned quite chilly now, we need it!

    Have a great week, both of you.

  4. Nice your mum had a pretty holiday day to be outside.