Monday, October 29, 2018

Birthday Bed Linen

 Mum likes her new birthday bed linen.  She needed a spring change, and she is not usually a fan of florals, she liked the look of this one.

That's better mum! You put my new bags back.  Within 2 seconds of the bag being back on the bed I was back inside it fast asleep.  So we both have new bed linens!!!!!


  1. HaHa! Bless! My word Poppy!x You both have nice
    BIG can sleep in your big bed, on
    Mums big you have the best of both worlds,
    all nice and comfy! :).

  2. Yeah, she got new stuff, you need new stuff. Mum thinks your mum's new bed stuff is pretty, but wishes it was more colorful. Too dark for my mum.

  3. You've clearly shown your bed linen preference, Poppy!

  4. It looks lovely. I hope you both enjoy your new bedding xx

  5. They do look nice, and very comfy - I'm not sure if I'm talking about the bed linen or the bags!