Friday, October 12, 2018


Mum found this tshirt on ETSY from seller Oh Hello Sparkle.  She says it reflects how she feels most days.  She was glad that Friday rolled round.  After all of our nice weather, we have had a reminder that the cold and stormy stuff can still arrive.  Heaters are on full bore, and it is a tad chilly in the house.  Mum had to come home and have a nap, she is lucky enough to now have a head cold as well as a sore back.

So I have told her to load up on the vitamins, the water and head to bed early.  I have already retired early to get my snoozes on.  A girl has to rack up a good 23 hours a day to keep young.  She has only a couple of goals for the weekend, to meet a friend for lunch tomorrow, to finish watching a series of Game of Thrones she has recorded (she is not sure which one, but they're all good),  watch a movie or two and do a few of the weekend chores.  A couple of sleeps ins for her too, and some easy eating will make the weekend pass by.  She might have to pull out a few jumpers and jacket to keep warm though, as she doesn't have a cute grey fur jacket like me.


  1. Sounds as though you and Mum have things sorted
    for the weekend Poppy!x Take things easy now,
    and..l don't know anyone better than you to
    show Mum how to rest and relax..! :).
    I've got three DVD's to fit in over the weekend,
    so, l hope it's a quiet weekend, loads of rain
    And! And! I've got a feeling..Sunday is a special
    day for someone...Bless!x

  2. poppy...itz veree brisk heer now two.....we think open windowz dayz R done for de yeer ~~~~~~ N de food servizz gurl sayz her can ree late ta de shirt !!! ☺☺♥♥

  3. Yeah, your mum still needs lots of rest. Good foods and rest.

  4. Sounds like you’ve got your mum on the right track. Hope she feels better soon.
    Does your mum have an electric blanket? Our mum has one and has had it for some time. She puts a thick quilt on top of it so our nails don’t go through. Very comfy. Pennies to run for nice heat.

  5. A weekend of rest will be welcomed by your mum, no doubt. It'll give her the rest she needs.