Saturday, October 27, 2018


 Today has been rainy and cool as forecast.  Caturday super was simple and easy, some roast chicken pieces and mums favorite mix.  Potatoes, broccoli and onion roasted with salt, pepper, oil and lemon juice.  Mum said it was tasty.
I snoopervized while mum pulled things out of the wardrobe, shuffled some stuff into bags and some back into drawers.  She found 6 bras that she should put back into circulation and some clothes that could be thrown out.  Mum feels better having a bit of a spring clean.   She is a touch tired, as she couldn't sleep last night and was awake until 4am.  She was happy though to finish one book and start another.  She still tried to get up at 9am, and she was pleased that she did not nap this afternoon, so hopefully she will have a better sleep tonight.

Mum said that the towel on my bed should be binned.  She tried the new one first to get my approval and luckily I accepted it straight away.

We hope you had a nice Caturday and did something fun.


  1. It's another bright sunny day to~day Poppy!x
    Just put a quilt cover and pillowcases out on
    the line to dry..!
    I've just got back from town..the lady who has
    a burger stall on the market gave me a Halloween
    fairy l'm gonna have a cuppa tea, and
    see if it's edible..HeHe! Looks nice! :).

    I was wondering Poppy!x Where is the shopping bag
    your usually laying on..Has Mum got it for shopping!

  2. My caturday is just starting. Mum wants to do more outside work. Me, I will watch the fevvers and nap.

  3. Those veggies look so yummy! Does your mum do them in the oven or a big heavy pot?

  4. Wow that meal looks scrumptious. Enough to get me past my few days.
    I have so missed Poppy s blog.. Lovelyto open my iPad and see not only Poppy but photos of yummy food.
    I was so ill little Rosie kept me alive lying on me and licking my face before an ambulance came .She is only 4 months old and has the heart ❣ of an angel .
    I know I am a cat lover dear Poppy— but how can I resist such love.
    I wish mum could come and cook for me.
    How is her horrible cough and cold? I so hope she is feeling better.

  5. Your human lucked out that you gave the new towel your approval, Poppy!

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