Thursday, January 24, 2019


Mum stopped and sat down and ate some dinner tonight.   As she left and was 1/2 way home, she realized that her underwear were heading south.  The saving grace was that she did have jeans on over the top, it wasn't as if she was wearing a skirt.  But it was still uncomfortable and embarrassing .  Unfortunately the roads mum has to walk home on are pretty visit and there was no spot where mum could hitch her knickers up without looking like a perv.  So she had to walk home with them inching ever southwards.

She was glad to get home and put a fresh pair on, and throw the offenders in the bin.  Mum says has anything happened this week to make your person blush?


  1. Happened to me a few few times Poppy!x :).
    Though! for it to happen to a lady, and then
    admit it..Goodness! What a brave Mum! :).
    Did it keep her knees warm...!!! :o).

    In the bin! In the bin! What's wrong with using
    them as dusters...!!! :).

  2. Thank goodness she was wearing jeans! It hasn't happened to me, but I remember years ago when we were teenagers, my friend and I were in town and her knicker elastic broke. She stepped out of them and stuffed them in her bag. It was in the 60s when we were all wearing mini skirts so you can imagine how carefully she walked after it happened. Our first stop was Woolies to buy a cheap pair to get her home. Actually, now I think of it, I believe it was when paper knickers had just come onto the market and that was what she bought.
    I wonder what happened to them. That was a fad that not surprisingly never really took off.

    1. HeHe! They are still available...

    2. I followed the link thanks. Being paper I would assume they are non washable but it says, "High Quality Non-Woven Fabrics Which Allows The Underwear to Last for Multiple Days Use." The mind boggles!!!
      I don't think they will be high on my list to order!

  3. LOL! I've not had that happen that I can recall, though I've had them sag a bit. :-D

    RE: your comment on my post about Nicki and Poppy's recent vet visits: I don't know what the protocol is in New Zealand, but I've read vet articles that state senior cats do not need vaccinations. (Over a certain age.) I personally feel it's an easy money grab by vets, particularly if the cat is an indoor cat. (Not the case for you, I realise.) I don't get why you have to bring Poppy in every 3 months, though. Six I can see, but unless she has a health issue (other than weight), I'm skeptical of the reasons for it. You're better off purchasing a reliable scale yourself and weighing her that way, IMO.

  4. Ha! Nothing like that has happened to me, Poppy.

  5. poppy Q......thiz bee hill larry uz ....we noe knot for mum... but ta uz catz it iz...
    just nother reezon we due knot N never will wear pantz oh any kind ~ ;) ☺☺♥♥

  6. Poppy, we mostly had a pretty quiet week around here. Your mum was lucky she wasn't wearing a skirt. Glad she was able to make it home without any problems. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  7. Not the knickers, no -- but once upon a trip I packed only two pair of pantyhose and laddered them both, so I borrowed scissors to cut off a leg each, and went down to dinner wearing both to look dressed. I did not enjoy the meal.

  8. MOL! Mum has a few pairs like that too. She usually wears jeans so she won't drop them in public. But yeah, she has been in places where she can't hitch up her panties!