Saturday, January 5, 2019


Mum thinks that there may be a market for making comfy cat beds - polar fleece cosy on one side and frankly cool plastic on the other side (in better colours and designs than my bag).  What do you think??


  1. Does'nt really matter about the colour or
    size Poppy!x As long as it's comfy and nice
    to sleep seems that you've taken
    to that one a lot..Oh! AND..You look lovely
    on it..Bless!x

  2. It is also hot where you are? I just can't seem to get cool this summer. My Mum puts a sheet or pillow slip over my usual sleeping places. She also bought me a hammock, but I am a bit nervous of using it.

    1. Hi Lynnette,
      It is summer here, but not so hot overnight. No need for the fan yet. I love my plastic bag and have spent the past 4 months sleeping on it most nights and days. Maybe your mum needs to try a plastic shopping bag like mine to keep you cool.

  3. I'v never heard of that idea, but I like it. As long as both sides are of washable fabric, I think that would work.

  4. That sounds pretty comfy, indeed, Poppy!

  5. I think your human may be onto something, Poppy.