Thursday, January 3, 2019


At dawn and dusk pussy cats like to be outside, for a bit of socializing and watching over their properties.  Can you see the next door neighbour tabby cat?  Can you see me?  I'm only in one shot carefully hidden.


  1. uuuM! No! No! uuuM! Ah! Yes! Yes! :).
    Mum must have a powerful camera Poppy!x
    They all came out very clear..! :).

    And..l'm just off down town, nearly 8:30,
    another nice day by the looks of it..though
    cold..! :).

  2. I see you under the table in the first photo, Poppy. I had to enlarge though to find you. Do you and the neighbour's cat watch each other?

  3. We see the neighbour's cat, and finally, we see you too, under the table in the first pic. We were looking in the third pic and couldn't find you there at all!

  4. I found you both, but had to biggify the pictures to make sure. I didn't realize you had naybors that close!

  5. It took a bit but I found you under the table, Poppy.