Monday, January 28, 2019

Day Off

Mum had a day off today.  The news keeps saying an Aussie heatwave was coming our way, but it wasn't too bad here today.  Mum had booked a seat to see Green Book at the local cinema.  When she got there she was the only customer, so she had her choice of seats.  It was lovely and air conditioned and she wasn't lonely as eventually she was joined by another two ladies.

She enjoyed the movie.  A based on a true story about Tony, an Italian guy from the Bronx who takes a job to drive Dr Shirley, an African American pianist through the South in 1962.  Not just a story about race, it is a story about friendship and understanding and was able to balance the drama and humour in a masterful way.

Mum then got some dumplings for lunch.  She was a bit disappointed as they were tasteless and her tummy didn't appreciate them.  So she came back and spent the afternoon with me and we chilled out together.


  1. Yes! The Green Book has had good reviews..think it's
    up for an Oscar next month! I shall watch it when it's
    out on Sky TV..should'nt be to long..!

    Shame about Mums dumplings..l love them, but they have
    to be just right, otherwise they can lay on the old
    tummy a bit heavy..! :).

    Chilling out together sounds great..! :o).

  2. What a perfect way to spend a day in this hot weather. How does Poppy cope? Rosie hates the heat as much as I do with her little pink tongue hanging out and panting. She perks up later in the evening though. Wish I did. 35 is awful.

    1. It wasn't too hot here. Miss Poppy just seems to sleep when I am not home, and as soon as I got home I opened the windows and doors to let the breeze in. It actually got a bit cooler overnight, enough that I needed the duvet on. It is only 17degrees here now.

  3. The theatre has pillows?! Wow!

    We're glad it was a good movie; apparently it would have been comfy to sit through! :-)

  4. I've watched a few movies in which I was the sole viewer, or one of just a handful. I never know whether I like that or not...