Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sunday Shopping - Amazing Cat Beds

Look at these fantastic cat beds I found on ETSY at  Made For Pets, made by Kate in the Ukraine.  We got her permission to show these cool places to sleep.  Somewhat better than my plastic bag bed.  Internet shopping is a fantastic thing. 

We hope you are all having a lovely Sunday and got some snoozing and or shopping done.  The only real internet shopping mum got done today was her groceries.  Ordered at 10:30am and delivered by 3pm, she got to have a tasty dinner and has lots of treats for me and for her.


  1. My word Poppy!x They look a bit posh...
    But, would you really change one for your
    plastic bag..HeHe! Bless!x

    I'm off to the Super~Dooper~Market in half
    an hour, quite a bit to get, thought l'd
    get chicken to~day, by way of a change..!
    Always get 3~4 meals out of a chicken, then
    there's the enjoyment of picking the carcass
    at the end of it all...Yum! :).
    Oh! And a glass of wine to go with it..well..
    maybe two...! :o).

  2. I usually like to sleep with mum. On her pillow by her head, under the covers with her. Not so much in fancy beds.

  3. Gosh Poppy those are some fancy looking beds!! I think Miss Pippi would sleep in one of those but Blackie would no doubt sleep just OUTSIDE it!!

  4. OMC! These cat beds are awesome, Poppy! Of course, our fave at our house is the human bed. :)

  5. They are very imaginative, and I'll bet cats love them, except...there's nothing like a good, used bag-bed...