Saturday, January 19, 2019

Caturday Skies

 This was the sky at 1.30am.  Mum was still wide awake and she said she could have sat outside and read her book without a light as it was so bright.
 She finally got up at 8am  and decided to have a home day with me as her cough was being annoying.
The winds had picked up too and by the afternoon the clouds were dark and thick.  The promised rain didn't arrive but the winds are still whipping around. 

Good job on finding me in yesterday's photo.  That's my little hiding place in the garden.

Mum cooked a chicken fillet with potatoes and peas for dinner.  Now it's couch and relaxing time.  I've come out for treats and a quick night patrol.

Hope you're all having a great Caturday and doing something fun.


  1. So..who was that in the flower pot...!!! :).
    Goodness! Seeing things that are'nt there now! HeHe!

    Lovely photos..especially the one up top..very mystic,
    Nice and bright! Probably a few bats about to..

    I've just got back from town, few pheasants to see to,
    they had a shoot yesterday..couple more weeks it'll be
    all over..have to rely on what l find at the side of
    the road..pheasants are'nt very good at looking both
    ways..! :o).

  2. Hope your feeling better soon
    The winds are from the south today so a tad cooler than it’s been
    Unfortunately it’s going to heat up again midweek in the forties!
    I’m so looking forward to autumn

  3. Mum woke up and saw the big moon this AM, but went back to sleep. Hoping it stays clear so we can see the eclipse tonight.

  4. The cloud formation under the moon was most interesting. And I do like very bright moons.