Thursday, January 31, 2019


As we are sweltering in too hot weather, we are watching the news about the cold weather rocking many of the US states and in Europe, and thought our friends would like some photos of our summery skies and green garden.  We hope if warms you up a little. 


  1. Oh, I know a lot of kitties in the U.S. who are envying you guys right now, Poppy! I hope your photos warm them up too. (We have typical cool rainy winter weather in our area, but nothing like what others are having!)

  2. Very cold to~day Poppy!x
    Weather is bad up the North..everything at a stand
    still..Horrid stuff..! :(.

    Just got my PC up and running, switch on this morning,
    and the cusor was on strike...text Richard, he said
    unplug it for 10mins..all o.k. now..!
    Did'nt realise that the cursor could get 'stuck'..! :).

    Lovely photos Poppy!x Glad your enjoying the sun...! :).

  3. Thanks for the warm pics. We have sun, just that the air is all cold out.

  4. Those are lovely warm looking photos. It is snowing at the moment. I doubt that we will get more than an inch or so though.

  5. I'm sorry it's far too hot there. Your pictures make it look just right, pleasantly warm and summery.