Friday, January 11, 2019


Mum and I had a great home day.  She tried to do most of her chores, and I kept the quilt on the bed.  Job done.


  1. HeHe! Bless!
    I did jump in the car earlier and drove up
    the top of town..there's a BIG charity shop
    up can spend at least an hour in
    there..l did buy a nice little pink glass,
    and series one of the Sopranos DVD's..for
    just a pound..($1.88)..I love the Sopranos..!

    Nice sunny day to~day..and a bit warmer to....
    Bit of washing out on the line..Job done! :).

  2. poppy q...thatz de best job oh holdin down a quiltz we haz ever seen !!

    984 pawz UP :) ☺☺♥

  3. Well done keeping the quilt in it's place, Poppy.

  4. Such decent days are rare, and they pass quickly, don't they?