Sunday, January 27, 2019


Tonight is Sunday night, but it feels like mum's Friday night as she has the next two days off.  She is a bit tired after busy days and early starts.  I enticed her to lie down for a little nap, and read 2 pages if her book and then passed out for two hours.

So now she is up and doing some dishes and will have some Easter buns for her supper.  I have taken myself off to bed for sleeps.


  1. Ah! Bless!
    I've just been to the supermarket, and bought summat
    l've never seen, never heard of and of course never
    eaten...A Honey Pomelo..Goodness! I've just Googled
    it, just to see what to do with it and how to eat it..
    7 steps in after lunch, l'll give it a go....
    HeHe! Hope it's not to messy..! :)

  2. We hope your mum gets another nap or two, Poppy, and that she enjoys the two day break. :-)

  3. Happy FriSunday, Poppy and Mum! Enjoy your time off together. :)

  4. no way, Easter buns can't be in the shops already??

    1. They start putting them out on December 27!!!

  5. They started Easter buns here at that time as well
    Shocking consumerism
    Bu they are yummy lol
    Hope you get some more rest

  6. I think it would be odd having days off when everyone else was working - barring holidays, I mean. I suppose one gets used to shift-work but it would be a challenge for me at first.