Sunday, January 20, 2019

Can You See Me?

So a bit easier tonight.  Can you guess I like to hide?   I bet every kitty cat loves hiding.  What are your favorite spots?


  1. Your getting me confused again Poppy!x
    I think your in the flower pot...! No! Oh! :(.

    HeHe! I think the tail at the end of the lumpy you away..! :).

    I'm afraid l don't have a favourite spot to hide,
    as a grown up, l'm to big..though l do go under the
    quilt if summat scary comes on the TV..! :o).

  2. Hmmm...Could there be a Poppy lump in the bed? :-)

  3. Looks like you found a super cozy spot, Poppy!

  4. I'm not telling since I don't want mum to know.

  5. Reveal my hiding spots, right where my human can read them? Oh, no way!

  6. This time you were easy to spot, Poppy. My cats have hiding spots, and they must be good, because I can never find them.