Thursday, January 17, 2019

Day Trip

I will call these series of photos - Day Trip.  Mum got an email to say that I was due my senior check/vaccination and mum thought she would do it while she had a day off.

Turns out I had my vaccination last year so I don't need another one.  I avoided a butt shave, but got the thermometer up the you know where.

Mum came home with a new brush and comb set for me (We love the packaging), some new biscuits and tablets to try to help with my arthritis.

I spent most on time hiding under the bathmat that is in my carrier.  except when I deposited a thousand furs on the vets dark tunic.  Job done.


  1. Did'nt turn out to bad Poppy!x
    And a new brush and comb set..are you sure
    there for you..! :).
    At least you had a bit of a 'day trip' away
    from home, though glad to be back l expect!
    Sweet dreams..! 💤 💤 💤

  2. Not the sort of day trip you want, but I am glad you didn't need a butt shave even though you did get the thermometer where the sun doesn't shine. That is cute packaging on the brush and comb.

  3. The comb packaging is hilarious!

    Well, Poppy, that wasn't a fun journey, but hey, it's over and done with!

  4. Glad you survived that ordeal, Poppy!

  5. Sorry you had to go to the stabby place, even if you didn't get stabbed. My guy uses a temp thing that doesn't go up my spot 13. Plus he wears white, so my fur doesn't show up much.