Sunday, July 14, 2019

Big Night

Tonight will be a big night in our little country.  It is the Cricket World Cup and our boys are playing England in the final.  We saw on the news tonight that tickets are all sold out for the final, although ticket touts are trying to sell 2 tickets for 10,000 pounds or  (NZ)$20,000 - wow!!  Most kiwis will be sitting at home and watching on the television, so there will be some tired folks at work on Monday morning.  Mum has got the doritos ready and hopefully she won't be in at work all night.

Mum got called in last night again and got home at 4am .  I woke her at 8am and 9am to say hello and then we both got woken twice by loud thunder and heavy rain, so mum gave in with her three hours sleep and just got up.  She did have a nap this afternoon so she feels a bit better.  Luckily the storm blew through pretty quickly and by 4pm the skies were a bit bluer. 

Mum is off to make her dinner - she has some lamb chops with roast potatoes and kumara (sweet potato) and green beans.  I have had my dinner, some lamb and gravy which was yummy.  Lucky us!!


  1. They've just been on the TV talking about the cricket..
    So that will be 'kicking off' very soon, l'll watch
    some it, as the men's tennis final is on, and the Gran Prix..
    Hope N/Zealand win, l never support England in anything....
    And l see the the England Captain..Eoin in fact
    Irish..Trouble with this country there always going round
    the houses to get a winning team..! Goodness! Bit of a moan
    on a Sunday morning...! :).

    So Mums been busy, and thunder..hope you did'nt get to
    frightened Poppy!x
    I've got mussels for Sunday lunch to~day, hopefully sat
    outside on the between the sport on the telly..!
    Lucky me! :).

  2. Good luck to New Zealand!

    As for your mum's 3 hours of sleep and a little nap...yikes! I hope she fares better tonight!