Thursday, July 4, 2019


Herrow mum - glad you made it home.  This is my little food cupboard housing all of my fancy feast in case you has forgotten.  Mum had a terrible time sleeping last night.  She was cold, then she was hot, then she was super hot and tossed off the covers and slept with a light quilt, then the rain woke her up, then she was cold.  Finally she fell asleep and this morning she did get up in time to head off to work.

I spent most of the night sitting in the living room watching the rain outside, before heading off to the bedroom just as mum was leaving it.  Like ships in the night.


  1. I slept like a log last night Poppy!x
    Yep! Woke up in the fire~place...! :).

    Very hot at the moment, few more hot
    days, out in the garden
    nice and early before it gets to hot..!
    Just got back from town..need a nice
    long cold drink..! :).

  2. That must be tough with you and Mum on different schedules, Poppy.

  3. I'd rather be cold at night than hot. Hot is far too uncomfortable.