Friday, July 26, 2019

Warm Sun

Warm sun seems to have been felt around the world today - France and the UK were sweltering.  We had a glorious warm and sunny one two which mum got a taste of on her walk home.  The birds were happily darting about and the trees behind the houses on our street were lit up like they were glowing.


  1. Yep! And, over here, ALL records were broken..
    Temp. up to 39.1 previous record was
    even to hot to sit outside to eat, even under
    the umbrella..had to eat indoors..
    The trains were running slow, some not at all,
    as the rail tracks were buckling under the heat!

    Silly people were swimming in silly places..people
    swimming in the river Thames, a very dangerous river
    to swim took three lives, and another three
    else where..warning signs everywhere..perhaps they
    can't read..Oh! well..!

  2. I saw on the news that much of Europe is having record-setting heat. Very dangerous, especially for the elderly, young and of course always the pets. We had a break in our heat for most of this week, though temps are climbing again. It won't be as brutal as last weekend, though, thank goodness!

    You two take care, Poppy, and enjoy your winter warmth!

  3. It's very hot here, Poppy. I like the sun, but it could be bright without being too warm; I could live with that.