Thursday, July 25, 2019


How was your Thursday?  Ours was much the same as every other day.  It is hard to believe that July is almost over and it is only 5 months until it is Christmas again.  Mum was talking about Christmas and  birthdays with her work colleagues.  Mum has turned into one of those people who is happy to get no presents from her friends, and now finds it hard to buy for anyone else.  Everyone has lots of stuff already, and if they want to do something mum would rather go out for a meal or too a concert or show than buy stuff to stick in the cupboards.

Of course I still like presents.  I liked my big box of temptations that I got for Easter.  I am still eating my way through them.  What camp are you in - presents or no presents?


  1. HaHa! Bless! I'm with presents..I even buy myself
    presents..wrap them up..and put them undr the tree!
    People say what did you get..l say..l don't know,
    l have'nt opened them yet...! :). Silly people! :).

    I love two occasions during the year, my birthday in
    September..and Christmas..! In fact..when l finish writing
    this comment..l'm gonna get my Christmas CD out and play it!
    I'm not going anywhere..the temperature is up in the 40's..
    So indoors l will stay...!!! :o).

    So..Poppy!x and Mum..just in case l forget..
    A very Happy Christmas..AND..New you both...! 🎅 🎄✨🎄 🎅

  2. Presents for the boys, not for me. I gave up giving them to all but one friend, I give gift cards to a few (Mom most notably), and that's it. I don't want "stuff", either. I already have too much stuff, keep trying to get rid of my stuff. LOL. However, all monetary gifts are accepted, for the endless vet bill$!

  3. We discussed this 2 years ago with the very few people we exchanged gifts with and agreed to stop. It gets harder to know what to buy as you get older, and as your mum said, most of it gets put away in a cupboard.

  4. poppy Q.....we like de get canned goodz for each other
    N de food sevizz gurl wishez de day wood just get over with !!!

    we iz CRACKIN UP bout what willie said
    { last sentence }

    bout Christmas and New Year ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺


  5. Only the grandchildren now receive presents at Christmas and birthdays. It makes the occasions less stressful.

  6. We do presents for the kids but not for the grown ups. We agree that time is going by really fast. Hope you are enjoying a great Thursday. Thanks for the share.
    World of Animals

  7. Mum is in the no presents camp. She and her brothers stopped doing prezzies for each other at least 10 years ago. For mum's Dad, she did things with him, took him to concerts etc. Mum only buys prezzies for her young grand nieces and nephew. And even then it is nothing extravagent, mostly books.

  8. I agree with your mum. My likes and dislikes are so specialised now that only my best friends know what to get me. If someone else gets me a gift, I appreciate the generosity, but I usually have to pretend to like it...