Thursday, July 11, 2019


Mum came home to find me napping.

She saw a strange thing she has never seen before on the way to work.  it was the rubbish day and she saw about 20 sparrows pecking at a rubbish bag trying to break it open to get the contents.  She always thought it was cats or dogs who split open the bags, never considering that it might be birdies.

Mum is very tired this week  - and she has to find the energy to be on call the next few nights.  I will help her by napping for her - I'm good like that.


  1. Oh! Yes! Birdies will certainly gang up on rubbish..
    And the gulls are even worse..together they can tip
    over a wheelie bin..
    And just last week, an elderly couple down on the
    beach were attacked by seagulls..the guy had scratches
    and pecks on his bald head..he needed medical attention
    to..They were eating fish and chips at the there's
    the answer..gulls can be dangerous..and yet there protected
    over here..pity you can't eat them..! :(.

  2. That's very considerate of you, Poppy, to nap on behalf of your mum. We hope she's duly appreciative!

  3. That was interesting about the sparrows.
    Is mum due for a nice long holiday ? A 10mday cruise they show on tv going up a river in Europe always looks appealing.
    We are getting a visitor these afternoons. When I have an afternoon rest watching tv the most beautiful cat comes in and jumps up on the bed. He is quite divine (apologies to Poppy)
    He is large, shorthhaired, very fit and sleek. I looked breeds up,on the internet. I think he might be a Bengal. He never curls up but stretches a great length . He has mighty paws when he pads but iis as gentle as a lamb. After an hour he takes his leave. I guess that is when his owners come home from work. He never wants food. Makes me so happy as due to being away quite a bit we don’t have any animals now. How I wish he was mine! 😺 ❤️

  4. poppy Q, it iz veree nice oh ewe ta help mum out bye nappin ☺☺☺ ♥♥♥

    N that iz funkee de sparowz waz mezzin in de rubbish; crow will due that round heer

  5. Mum puts the garbage in a bag, then on pickup day it goes into a plastic bin. That way the critters can't get at it.

  6. There must have been something different about that bag, full of corn or something similar, perhaps.